Trump: America has Corona

The president of the United States today, Saturday, in his first public appearance since suffering from coronary artery, claimed that the United States has a coronary medicine that will be offered soon.

“This is the most important US presidential election and we will never allow the country to be shut down again,” President Donald Trump was quoted as saying by hundreds of people who had gathered on the White House’s South Lawn.

“We had a huge economic situation before this pandemic, we’re going to make the Obamacare system a cheaper, better health system,” Trump said.

In his first public appearance since leaving the hospital, the president called for the ballot box to be maintained.

“He feels very good that he will not allow the United States to become a social state,” he said.

Trump once again called Covid-19 a Chinese virus and said that the destruction of the Chinese virus would be once and for all.

“The United States has an anti-coronary vaccine that will be unveiled soon,” he said.

“Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee in the US presidential election, betrayed the African-Americans. The failure of the Democrats’ administration has been proven, and we will get rid of the virus from China soon,” he said. Cities are burning and Democrats say things are going well.

He claimed to have a flourishing plan for Latinos and blacks.

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