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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Zionists acknowledge their weakness in the face of the BDS movement

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The former Israeli ambassador to Egypt acknowledged the regime’s weakness in the face of the boycott, non-investment and Israeli sanctions (BDS) movement.

Former Israeli ambassador to Egypt Ishaq Livanun wrote in a note in the Hebrew-language newspaper Ma’ariu that overcoming the boycott, non-investment and Israeli sanctions (BDS) requires that Tel Aviv and its representatives take their positions, News i reported, quoting Arabic 21. And allow them to act quickly and efficiently, as it will not disrupt phone calls and regular business meetings.

He added: “The BDS global movement was launched sixteen years ago and talks about boycotts, investment bans and sanctions, and it is difficult for Israel to deal with any of these three areas alone, but now all three are side by side.”

“With the start of the BDS movement, Israel organized a lot of events to stop trying to harm it, and it started working wherever the movement appeared,” Levanon said. Over time, BDS gained experience and was encouraged after many successes, thus making it more difficult to deal with.

He added: “Not a day goes by without the boycott movement trying to persuade international institutions to support it against Israel within the framework of the boycott movement, but these activities do not find their way into the pages of newspapers.”

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