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The Zionist regime is looking for a middle ground with the United States on consulate and settlement

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Israeli political sources stated that the Zionist regime is seeking a middle ground with the United States on consulates and settlements.

After US President Joe Biden twice told Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that he was determined to keep his election promises on the Palestinian issue, especially to oppose unilateral measures, including expansion, News i reported, quoting the Middle East newspaper. Settlement and reopening of US consulate in Jerusalem to serve Palestinians Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership is needed for achievements.

The sources said: “Bennett explained that he is concerned with resolving the Israeli-American dispute through understanding and coordination and a common vision, and is confident that the Biden administration will not do anything to bring down the Bennett administration.” Political and American sources revealed that during Biden and Bennett’s meeting at the White House, Biden stated that he would never give up his demand for the reopening of the US consulate in Jerusalem and would never remain silent about unilateral measures such as settlement in the West Bank.

Biden stressed that these positions were demonstrated during the US election campaign, and Biden promised to do so in order to serve peace in the Middle East and remove obstacles. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also made a clear statement during a visit to the Middle East in May.

According to these sources, Bennett has stated that he opposes the reopening of the consulate and wants the approval of settlement projects due to the increasing needs of the settlers. But at the same time, he suggested that cadres be formed from both sides to reach an acceptable solution. An Israeli official said the consulate issue could damage the stability of the Bennett government. The reopening of the consulate is a mere US decision that requires formal approval by the Israeli government, and is opposed by right-wing ministers such as Bennett’s Interior Minister Ail Shakid, Justice Minister Gaddon Saer, Counselor Ziyo Alkin and opposition parties. .

Even Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid believes that reopening the US consulate in Jerusalem is not a good plan and sends the wrong message not only to the region and the Palestinians, but to other countries as well. It also hurts the coalition government, and the US government does not want that.

In this regard, a senior official in the Council of Jewish Towns in the West Bank stated that Bennett promised that the settlement plan would not be harmed and that he would soon work on projects to strengthen the settlement.

News i



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