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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Zionist regime is concerned about the targeting of its oil fields by Hezbollah in Lebanon

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Israeli sources stated that the Zionist regime is concerned about the targeting of its oil fields by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to News i, quoted by the London-based Rai Al-Youm newspaper, the Israeli energy company “Dilik Drilling” announced that it shares its shares, which amount to 22% of the “Tamar” gas field in the eastern Mediterranean, to “Laltrol” Exchange Company (Exchange). Oil) in Abu Dhabi has sold for about one billion dollars.

The company said it was the largest trade deal signed between Israeli and Emirati companies since normalization began.

According to sources in Tel Aviv, the two companies signed a preliminary agreement in April. Dilik said it had signed a non-binding agreement with the Emirati company to sell its stake in the Tamar natural gas field in the eastern Mediterranean. Tamar field is one of the main sources of energy that the Zionist regime relies on and may produce 11 billion cubic meters of gas per year, which is enough to cover more markets inside the occupied territories, as well as exports to Egypt and Jordan.

Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, had previously threatened to shut down Zionist regime gas plants in the Mediterranean and announced that the region was fully involved in the oil and gas war.

“If the Lebanese Supreme Defense Council decides to ban Israeli oil plants, I promise you that this will happen in a few hours,” he said.

The Zionist regime’s threats against Lebanon over the oil exploration case in the Mediterranean Sea are not new. In 2010, Minister of Infrastructure Ozzy Landau threatened to force his way into the case. He threatened to use force against Lebanon or any other country to threaten Israel’s oil interests in the Mediterranean. He called all Lebanese demands legally and economically baseless.

“The issue of water is important for Israel’s ideology, security and strategy, because controlling the waters has always been one of the most important goals that Tel Aviv has set for turning the Zionist dream of a nation-state,” said a study by the Center for Strategic, Political and Economic Research. The superpower considers a material reality in the Arab region. These waters are related to the realization of the most important basic principles such as migration and settlement, which are the main factors in its construction. The more Israel takes control of these waters, the more settlements and the number of settlers will increase.

News i



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