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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Zionist regime also entered the Ennahda Dam case

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Egyptian diplomatic sources announced the entry of the Zionist regime government into the Ennahda Dam talks.

According to News i, quoting the website of Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper, Egyptian diplomatic sources said: “Recent contacts with Israel at the intelligence and diplomatic level have seen the mediation role that the Israeli government may play with the US coordination in the Ennahda Dam case.”

According to the sources, this action is done with the aim of giving results before the start of the third phase of water intake of Ennahda dam. It also coincides with the evolution of relations between Tel Aviv and Addis Ababa in investment and security cooperation cases. The sources said that Washington welcomes the entry of the Israeli government headed by Naftali Bennett to bring the views of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia closer in this case. Because he believes that Israel can interact with Ethiopia more than the United States. Washington does not want the crisis to resurface next summer and not lead to military conflict.

According to the sources, in the US view, this intervention will help strengthen Egypt-Israel relations and normalize relations with Sudan, and will play a role in calming the situation in the region and having a positive impact on the Palestinian issue and the security of the Zionist regime. This view is close to that of US President Donald Trump, who believed that the Ennahda Dam case had a definite effect on the “Deal of the Century” case.

According to sources, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had offered to enter the Ennahda Dam case, but Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi did not take the offer seriously. The reason for this is that Sisi expected Netanyahu to meet them or use his relations with Washington and the GCC countries. The Egyptian authorities also believed that the Zionist regime was involved in the plan to establish the Ennahda Dam under former Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, with the ultimate goal of undermining Egypt’s regional position and deciding its future.

But under President Joe Biden, the United States has a limited role to play in mediating the resumption of negotiations.

Sources on Algerian mediation and contacts with the GCC countries said that Egypt welcomes all efforts, provided that Ethiopia does not create obstacles, especially since Article 10 of the Principles Agreement emphasizes international mediation. The country demands it. Sudan, which appears to be technically and economically benefiting from the construction of the dam, has more than once insisted on resolving disputes through continued negotiations. Recently, he also asked for mediation, but Ethiopia opposes mediation on the pretext that this is a technical case. But Egypt is concerned about continuing to waste time without reaching a binding final agreement.

The sources stressed that Egypt took a preliminary step to reach an understanding on the role of the Zionist regime. This action is the weak position of this country regarding the accession of the Zionist regime to the African Union as an observer. This is while Algeria and other countries strongly opposed it.

Algeria is still working to repeal the African Union move, but Egypt has not taken action. It is also unlikely to take an active part in any action in the future, and Israel is well aware of this, not only because of its possible role in the Ennahda Dam case, but also because of its coordination with Washington to chart a new network of relations in the region. Lose as a regional mediator. This is an important position that many countries in the region, including the UAE, are seeking.

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