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The speaker of the Tunisian parliament rises to form a “national front” against the president’s decisions


The speaker of the Tunisian parliament announced that the Ennahda Islamic Movement seeks to form a “National Front” to oppose the president’s recent decisions.

According to the Associated Press, Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rashid al-Ghannouchi was quoted as saying by the Associated Press that the Ennahda movement, which he chairs, is working to counter Tunisian President Qais Saeed’s decisions to suspend parliament, revoke parliamentary immunity and oust him. The government and to form a national front to control the fragile democracy.

He added that the aim of this action is to put pressure on Saeed to abandon these decisions and return to the democratic system.

Al-Ghannouchi reiterated that Saeed’s actions were a kind of “coup”. Some ousted officials called on Saeed to reverse his decision and return to the country’s democratic system.

He referred to the protests and strikes as a tactic to put pressure on the Tunisian president.

The Tunisian parliament speaker added: “We are trying to convince the president to surrender to the will of the people and return to the democratic system, not as separate parties but as a ‘national front’.”

Al-Ghannouchi said parliament would continue to operate through virtual networks, despite the president’s suspension, and that this had already been officially agreed due to the spread of the corona.

The Tunisian president on Sunday issued decrees dismissing the prime minister, suspending parliament for 30 days, revoking the immunity of members of parliament, and ousting the government.

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