The reaction of Washington and the Zionist regime to the boycott of this regime by one of the largest American companies

A US State Department spokesman has stated his opposition to the Ben & Jerry sanctions against Israel. Meanwhile, the occupying regime’s prime minister called it “dangerous.”

“This is a private company, but it is a private company,” State Department spokesman Ned Price was quoted as saying by Al-Hurra, quoting Al-Hurra. The administration of President Joe Biden opposes the “Boycott, No Investment, and Sanctions on Israel” (BDS) campaign.

He added: “We strongly oppose the BDS campaign, which unjustly excludes Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in response to the company’s action that the decision was very dangerous.

He added: “Israel believes that this action will have very dangerous consequences, both legally and otherwise, and we will take serious action against any action aimed at sanctioning our citizens.”

Bennett said he had spoken to the CEO of the multinational company Unilever, which owns Ben & Jerry.

The famous American ice cream company announced on Monday that it is boycotting the Jewish towns of the West Bank and the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem.

“In our view, the sale of our ice cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is not in line with our values,” the company wrote on its website.

Ben & Jerry went on to say that he would not boycott all of Israel, and that the current sanctions would only apply to the occupied Palestinian territories, and that he would continue to sell his products in areas before the 1967 borders.

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