The new Prime Minister of Haiti has been appointed

About two weeks after the assassination of the President of Haiti, the Haitian government officially announced “Ariel Henry” as the new Prime Minister.

According to Reuters, Ariel Henry, during a ceremony that accompanied his speech and a minute of silence in memory of the slain President Juanel Moyes in a plot that may have been beyond the borders of the Caribbean, first. He took over a minister.

Haiti is grappling with the lawlessness of gang violence, and the new prime minister has stressed that he wants to create the conditions for the people to attend the election, which is currently scheduled for September. “Now is the time for unity and stability,” Ariel Henry said.

He called for continued international support for the government, which has received billions of dollars in aid since the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Meanwhile, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who resigned before Henry, said Henry’s appointment was aimed at facilitating the election. The last elections of 2016 were held. He also warned of a serious task ahead.

Ariel Henry and Claude Joseph both stressed that the government must restore order and security, as well as work to strengthen the economy, which has been plagued by the Corona crime and pandemic.

Tuesday’s ceremony was accompanied by an official memorial service for Juanel Moyes, who was killed at midnight on July 7 at his official residence by a group of more than 20 mostly Colombian mercenaries.

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