The FBI is looking for evidence of a coordinated attack on Congress

According to a new report from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), on the same day, January 6, which was the day of the attack on Congress, the Bureau of Investigation’s staff responded to online conversations among Trump supporters on their way to the capital. They were deeply concerned because there was evidence of coordination among Trump supporters on their way to the capital.

According to News i, ‌ According to the Washington Post, in the FBI report, one of the maps related to the movement of the caravan of Trump supporters, which was posted online, shows the march points, and the other shows the Congress and communication tunnels in It refers to different parts of Congress.

One of the posts posted online reads: Get ready to fight. Break congressional windows and knock on doors.

FBI forces across the country are monitoring and identifying the motives, relationships, goals and various actions of such an attack by hundreds of supporters of former US President Donald Trump who attacked Congress on January 6 this year.

Some members of the FBI consider the investigation into the attack on Congress to be the biggest case since 9/11, and the main priority of the officers’ work is to determine the level of violence and chaos planned and coordinated.

Inspectors warn that there is an important legal distinction between a like-minded rally for a political rally – as enshrined in the First Amendment – and an armed attack on a US government headquarters, and it is now their job to identify individuals in each Which group they belong to and who played a key role in committing or coordinating the violence.

Minutes before the attack on Congress, police received an initial report of a bomb blast behind the Republican National Committee building on the opposite side of Congress, southeast of the Congress building. Other items were later found at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, including wires, watches and explosive powder.

Some law enforcement officials have suggested that the issue of pipe bombs may have been used to create deliberate diversion to divert the attention of law enforcement officials from the Congress building at the time of the attack.

The FBI is also trying to determine how many people have fled to Washington in the wake of the violence.

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