The Ethiopian parliament is considering a plan for the Ennahda Dam

The Ethiopian parliament is considering a draft proposal by the head of the parliament’s African affairs committee on the Ennahda dam.

According to News i, quoting the Russian news agency Sputnik, in the proposal of Karin Bass, the head of the African Affairs Committee of the Ethiopian Parliament, the government was asked to take a fair stance in the Ennahda talks, so that the rights of all three parties are Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. To be preserved.

According to the Black Star newspaper, Bass in his plan, while pointing to the conditions that led the United States to reduce foreign aid to Addis Ababa and the negative impact that this issue has on Ethiopian society, compared to the situation that is negotiated between the three The accompanying party expressed concern.

The draft will go on to urge the African Union to continue to play a constructive role in the negotiations to reach an agreement that guarantees the protection of the interests of all parties, the paper said.

On July 21, the Ethiopian government announced the start of the initial water intake of the Ennahda Dam, and further stated that this action was taken due to heavy rains in the Ethiopian highlands, which contributed to the unintentional water intake of the dam, but the initial water intake without an agreement with Egypt and Sudan were opposed by the two countries.

Although three countries, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan, signed the Declaration of the Principles of Ennahda in March 2015, which set out to negotiate an agreement on any decision on Ennahda, negotiations between them have not resulted in an agreement since then.

The Ennahda Dam, built by Ethiopia on the Nile River in the country, will reduce the inflow of water to Egypt by at least 50% if it is fully drained, and irreparable damage, given that this river is Egypt’s vital artery and agriculture. Will turn to Egypt. Ethiopia, on the other hand, considers it necessary to use the dam to supply the electricity it needs.

News i


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