The “ambiguity” policy pursued by Hezbollah these days

Abdul Bari Atwan, a well-known Arab analyst and editor of the trans-regional newspaper Rai Al-Youm, wrote in an analysis of the recent tensions between the Zionist regime and Hezbollah in Lebanon: “The main preoccupation of the Israeli press these days is talking about Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Islamic Resistance and tension It rises on the southern border of Lebanon, where, according to the Zionist regime, a group of five members of Hezbollah forces entered the occupied territories and then left after the shooting. A statement denied by a Hezbollah spokesman, who told Israel he would release the video.

According to News i, Atwan wrote: “Four contradictory Israeli narratives have been published in the media and retired military generals have analyzed what happened in southern Lebanon.”

Narration 1: An Israeli female soldier, observing the movement of this group, became concerned and asked for help, and as a result, fear and anxiety of shooting between Israeli military units in the region formed, and this group returned to their bases in safety.

Narration 2: According to the Jerusalem Post and other newspapers, Israeli soldiers who clashed with Hezbollah forces in “Israel” on Monday received orders not to kill them to prevent a major Hezbollah conflict and revenge.

Narration 3: The claim that the Israeli military intelligence (Aman) knows where Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah is hiding, but there is a big and scary question: what will happen after his assassination attempt?

Narration 4: The resistance targeted and destroyed an Israeli Merkava tank with a Cornet missile, and this news was removed at the request of the Israeli army command, in order to prevent further destruction of the soldiers ‘and settlers’ morale.

All of these narratives, both true and false, are in favor of the Lebanese resistance, and show its great victory in one of the most important chapters of the psychological war that is raging these days between Hezbollah and the occupying Israeli government.

If it is true that the Israeli army unit received orders not to confront the resistance group due to fears of a severe rocket attack on Israeli towns and cities, and of course it is not unlikely to be true, it shows that the occupying government is in fact He is weaker than Spider-Man and refuses to fight the Islamic Resistance Movement by all means and means because he knows that he will be the biggest loser in the field with the amount of financial damage and possible human casualties caused by firing thousands of missiles against strategic targets deep in its territory. Was.

However, the statement that the Israeli military intelligence (Aman) knows the whereabouts of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah and can assassinate him, but refuses to do so for fear of what will happen after the operation, is in fact a kind of fraud and lie. We have heard them many times over the past 20 years because there was no opportunity to assassinate Hezbollah field commanders, most notably Hezbollah leader Sayyid Abbas al-Musawi and Haj Emad Mughniyeh, the military branch commander and one of the most important engineers of the July 2006 war. Fasting) was not lost.

“We are concerned that Israel has lost its deterrent power against Hezbollah because of the recent events on the northern border,” said Gen. Danny Yatom, a former Mossad chief, in an interview with the Israeli website Kiba. He should have targeted and destroyed the group that crossed the border, but he did not do so for fear of the consequences.

General Yatom pointed very carefully to the critical situation of the regime and said: “Currently, Seyyed Nasrallah is sitting awake and following the situation on the southern front of Lebanon, and he will probably have a smile on his face, and his Eid al-Adha celebration will be different this year.” Out of fear and anxiety, he studies the “invincible” military forces, and from each of them a new raw material for the content of his speech, which he is compiling and which he is expected to deliver in the coming days on the anniversary of the victory of the July 2006 war. He finds and, according to the official statement of Hezbollah, achieves all these achievements without firing a single bullet.

Following the martyrdom of Ali Kamel Mohsen, Hezbollah forces in the Israeli airstrikes on an ammunition depot around Damascus International Airport, the forces of the Zionist army units stationed on the northern border of the occupied territories with Lebanon are on high alert these days to prepare for any retaliatory Hezbollah action. Because Israel’s political and military leaders know full well that Nasrallah will attack if he threatens, but his deadline has been extended and he seems to be more concerned with Hezbollah’s “ambiguity” policy these days, which has made Israel’s fears more painful and prolonged. It benefits and of course God knows best.

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