“The Afghan people hold the United States responsible for the unrest in their country.”

A senior Kabul government official said the Afghan people blamed the US government for the unrest in their country.

According to News i, Hamiduddin Yuldash, the deputy governor of Takhar in northeastern Afghanistan, told Anatolia News Agency about the future of peace talks between the Taliban and the Kabul government, relations with Turkey and the US role in Afghanistan’s policies. We are dealing with psychological problems due to the involvement of many people in several years of war and the inadequacy of infrastructure and education.

“The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and the wars since the Soviet invasion in 1979 have divided the country along ethnic lines,” he said. But the Taliban era was a “black box” for Afghanistan. With the rise of the Taliban, people dropped out of school, women were locked up at home, and their rights were completely lost.

“You can not run a government with import bureaucracies abroad,” the Afghan government official said. But this situation continues. If you look closely at the studies from 2001 to 2021, you will find that they have led Afghanistan to a very different place today. Also, all aid sent to Afghanistan has been misused. Corruption has put the current government in this situation and is on the verge of collapse.

Talking about the fact that ethnicity dominates the distribution of seats in the Afghan parliament, the deputy governor of Talkhar said: “There is no party system in the country and the candidates run for the elections independently and the deputies later form groups from among themselves in the parliament.” Ethnic groups have a majority in parliament and their views are reflected in their work process.

Referring to the effective role of the parliament in shaping the future of Afghanistan, he said: “There are 250 people in the Afghan parliament, all of whom were elected by the people and sent to the parliament.” The only institution that the nation can now trust is the parliament. People have expectations.

Asked whether the Afghan people trust politics, Yuldash said: “If I want to answer your question, given the 18 years and the current government, the answer is that everyone already knows that the government is formed and supported by the Americans.” The Americans have failed in Afghanistan. They never met the demands of the Afghan people. We have to accept this. On the other hand, the people must abandon the policy of ethnic structures in Afghanistan. This is essential. If they say we will try to run the country alone, the bloodshed in these 40 years will not stop.

He added: “In the first place, the people of Afghanistan do not trust the United States because it has brought and created this system.” They blame the United States for the unrest and lack of security in Afghanistan.

Yoldash also said that peace talks between the Kabul government and the Taliban were very important, adding that the Taliban had made the talks more difficult. They have raised difficult conditions in various areas such as government, constitutional change, human rights, freedom of opinion and women’s rights. They have said that even if there is a foreign soldier in Afghanistan, they will not lay down their arms. But they agreed with the United States. They had nothing to do with the Americans for a year, but they were still killing their brothers. This is really painful and upsetting.

He also stressed that a full ceasefire is a crucial necessity for reconciliation in the country, and said that regional powers should not ignore this issue.

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