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Taliban: Ashraf Ghani must return the money of the Afghan people

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A Taliban spokesman stressed that the former president of Afghanistan should return the money of the people of this country because those properties are not for him and he fled with them without any right.

According to News i, quoting the website of Al-Jazeera news network, Soheil Shahin, the spokesman of the Taliban group in a press interview stressed that former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani should return the money he took with him to the people of this country: Pursuing Ashraf Ghani to reclaim the money he has is not a priority, and the Taliban are currently focusing on the government, and Ashraf Ghani will never be prosecuted or arrested until a new government is formed.

Shahin added: “Ghani made a mistake by suddenly leaving power when the Taliban were expecting a peaceful transition and their forces were behind the gates of Kabul.”

A Taliban spokesman added: “He fled suddenly and destroyed everything, and in addition to encroaching on the money of the Afghan people, he created a security vacuum.”

Earlier, some Russian media sources quoted a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Kabul as saying that Ashraf Ghani had taken four vehicles and a helicopter full of money with him when he fled Afghanistan. There was no room for them anymore and they had to leave the money in the gang.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the truth had not yet been confirmed.

“I think Ashraf Ghani has good relations with Abu Dhabi,” Shaheen concluded, referring to the former Afghan president’s relationship with the UAE, where he and his family settled after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

News i



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