South Korean opposition party calls for investigation into North Korean nuclear power plant revelations

South Korea’s main opposition party on Sunday called for an investigation into allegations that the Moon Jae-in government was trying to help build a nuclear power plant in North Korea.

According to News i, quoting Yonhap News Agency, Kim Jong Un, the leader of the so-called People’s Power Party in South Korea, called the allegations “shocking” and said that the government should act quickly to resolve suspicions and answer questions about this. Take action.

The allegations came after a local television network reported that a document about a plan to build a nuclear power plant was part of a series of computer files deleted by some Ministry of Energy and Industry officials. The authorities have been accused of deleting these files in order to cover up their violations.

The files were leaked after prosecutors investigated the South Korean government’s decision to shut down the Wolsung-1 nuclear reactor, the country’s second-oldest nuclear reactor.

Last month, South Korean prosecutors in Daejeon filed an indictment against three energy ministry officials on charges of extorting money from the holiday, just before the inspection and audit committee requested that the documents be delivered in December 2019.

The committee had previously concluded that the decision to shut down the nuclear reactor was based on deliberate investigations that underestimated the value of the reactor’s economic viability.

The network’s revelations sparked speculation that the Egyptian government had built a nuclear power plant in North Korea. It was also alleged that a document handed over by South Korea to North Korea to introduce the prospect of more inclusive economic cooperation during the April 2018 summit of the two leaders may have included the idea of ​​building the nuclear power plant.

Moon Jae had these three meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in April, May and September 2018.

Following the growing attacks by the opposition party, the South Korean Ministry of Reunification in the South Korean government has denied allegations that the prospect of economic cooperation presented to North Korea at the 2018 summit contained a document on the nuclear power plant.

The ministry told reporters that there was no word on the Korean Peninsula, such as a nuclear power plant or any related content, in the new economic initiative document. The ruling Democratic Party of South Korea also strongly denounced the allegations.

A source in the ruling party said that the document on the idea of ​​a power plant, which was handed over to North Korea at the 2018 summit, was related to the production of electricity, hydropower, heat, and renewable energy. “Now, as then, we are in a situation where we cannot build a nuclear power plant in North Korea without the consent of the United States,” the source told Yonhap.

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