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Russia’s $ 1 billion aid to rebuild Syrian / Lebanese facilities: Displaced refugees have nothing to do with political solution

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The Lebanese Foreign Minister asked the other virtual guests of the International Conference on Syrian Refugees to make more efforts for the safe return of refugees to Syria and not to link this issue to the final political solution.

According to News i, quoting the website of Russia Today, Lebanese Foreign Minister Sharbal Wahba called on the international community to accept the Lebanese plan to return Syrian refugees to their country.

Wahba said Lebanon has been embroiled in a humanitarian catastrophe since the start of the war in Syria and has fallen victim to regional and international scores. About 1.5 million displaced people have intensified the economic crisis in Lebanon.

He added that it must be acknowledged that the main cause of the Syrian refugee crisis is the lack of international will to end the case.

To emphasize the importance of coordination with Syria, the Lebanese government approved a national plan for the safe and dignified return of refugees as a sustainable solution that meets international standards, said Ramzi al-Mashrafieh, Minister of Social Affairs of the Lebanese Provisional Government. .

He added that international experiences with political solutions for the return of refugees are not encouraging, and that automatic returns continue, with co-operation and coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian secretariats.

Al-Musharrafiyah said that the number of Syrian refugees is more than a third of the Lebanese population, adding that the direct and indirect costs of the refugees are about $ 40 billion and that the needs go beyond the support that Lebanon has received from the international community.

On the sidelines of the conference, the Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs held a meeting with his Syrian counterpart to review the latest developments in the refugee case.


Also, the Chinese ambassador to Syria, who attended the conference on behalf of his country, said that the issue of Syrian refugees is a heavy burden on neighboring countries and that political, economic and security measures must be taken at the same time to solve this problem.

He stressed that the political solution must maintain the sovereignty of Syria and be led by the Syrians. The issue of the return of Syrian refugees is important for this country, and the international community must help Syria both in the return of refugees and in its reconstruction.

The Chinese ambassador said that the continuation of sanctions against Syria is illegal and that everyone should support the Syrian government. The eradication of terrorism and the improvement of Syria’s economic infrastructure is an important condition for the return of the displaced.


Russia has also allocated more than $ 1 billion to rebuild electricity networks, industry and other humanitarian purposes in Syria, Mikhail Mizentsev, head of the Russian-Syrian Refugee Coordination Center, told the conference.

He said Russian ministries have launched various projects in the fields of education and medicine, investment in natural resources, housing construction, trade, economy and scientific-technical cooperation.

The official also stressed that the representatives of Russia and Syria will sign eight memorandums of cooperation on energy, customs union and training activities on the sidelines of the conference.

The Russian official added that the illegal presence of military units from different countries in Syria contradicts the solution of the refugee problem.


Yassin al-Sharif, acting charge d’affaires of the Iraqi embassy in Damascus, also said that the Iraqi delegation at the conference will investigate the restoration of Syria’s destroyed infrastructure and the return of refugees.

Sharif stressed: Iraq always agrees to the voluntary return of Syrian refugees in order to serve the interests of the Syrian people and the political solution of this country.

News i



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