Russia unveils US F-35 rival

On the sidelines of the MAKS 2021 International Aerospace Exhibition, which is being held outside Moscow, Russian officials unveiled their new fighter.

According to News i, the makers of this Russian aircraft have developed this new Sukhoi under the LTS program or the light tactical aircraft. This new aircraft is smaller and has an engine. The fighter is said to have used “innovative technologies” such as artificial intelligence.

Delivery of this fighter is scheduled to begin in 2026.

The makers of the new aircraft, which according to AFP is called “Checkmate”, claim that the jet can fly up to 3,000 kilometers and continue to fly.

According to the manufacturers, this warplane can attack six targets simultaneously on land, air or sea, even in the event of severe electronic interference.

According to Euronews, it seems that this Russian warplane wants to compete with the American Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning 2 fighter, which has been operating since 2015.

In recent days, there has been widespread propaganda in Russia to unveil this fighter jet.

The giant fighter was also covered in black tarpaulin at the Zhukovsky Exhibition, and many people came to see it, and even before its unveiling, they took many souvenir photos with the new Russian jet.

Speaking at the unveiling of the fighter jet, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the unveiling of the new jet showed that the Russian aviation industry has great potential for development and will continue to compete with other countries for new designs. .

The unveiling of the fighter jet comes amid rising tensions between Russia and the West in recent months, with the country holding military exercises on the Crimean peninsula as well as near the Ukrainian border. European countries and the United States say they do not recognize Crimea’s annexation by Russia.

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