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Russia and the United States are pleased with the talks on strategic stability


Russia and the United States today (Wednesday) held a new round of talks on strategic stability, which the Russian Foreign Ministry described as “practical and focused.”

Moscow and Washington said in separate statements that the Geneva talks were an extension and strengthening of what was held at the June 16 summit of the two countries hosted by Switzerland between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, according to News i. The US President had agreed.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov chaired the cabinet on behalf of Moscow and William Sherman, the first US Deputy Secretary of State, chaired the Washington delegation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the two presidents’s positions in support of strategic stability, arms control prospects and risk mitigation measures were examined in detail by order of the two presidents. In this meeting, various aspects of developing cooperation in the next stage were also discussed.

Ryabkov described the talks with the US delegation as practical and focused, saying in Geneva that the United States was ready for a constructive dialogue with Russia on strategic stability.

“Even in times of tension, we remain committed to predictably guaranteeing and reducing the risks of armed conflict and the threat of nuclear war,” the State Department said. Today’s meeting marks the beginning of talks with Russia as the US delegation prioritizes its policy and current security climate and national positions on threats to strategic stability, the prospects for a new nuclear weapons control system and the framework for future rounds of strategic security talks.

The State Department added that the consultations in Geneva were so professional and radical that the two sides agreed to hold a new meeting in late September, as well as informal consultations in the previous phase to determine the positions of the expert working groups in the second plenary session.

The high-ranking officials of the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs will leave for Brussels on July 29 to inform the allies at the NATO headquarters about the results of the negotiations with Russia.

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