Release of images of the downing of the American drone in Najran and the operation in Al-Jizan

The media of the war affiliated with the Yemeni army published images this Saturday evening of the crash of a US spy drone that was shot down by a missile in Najran two days ago.

According to News i, quoting the Al-Masira website, the war media published images of an American WING LOONG II burning and its carcass being spread in the area. The missile by which the drone crashed has not yet been identified.

These images also clearly show that after aiming, shooting down and hitting the drone to the ground, one of its wings is completely detached from the fuselage.

The heroes of the Yemeni army and popular committees stressed that American planes and their compromising mercenaries in the region would burn like this military-spy drone.

The drone is said to have a flight time of 20 hours and a maximum range of 1,500 kilometers, while its flight altitude is 9,000 meters and its speed is 370 kilometers per hour with the ability to carry 12 missiles or bombs and its value is between one to two million dollars. .

The Yemeni Armed Forces also released special images this afternoon of the most extensive operations of the Yemeni army and popular committees on the Jizan border axis.

The Yemeni armed forces announced the liberation of more than 40 military bases on the Saudi Jizan axis and full control of these positions during a large-scale offensive operation.

The Yemeni war media reported that Yemeni army forces and popular committees took control of dozens of bases in Jizan. The special operation pushed back Saudi forces and Sudanese army mercenaries.

Ansarullah today stressed that it has taken control of 150 square kilometers and tens of strongholds deep in Saudi Arabia on the Jizan axis in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni war media reported that the Yemeni army and popular committees killed and wounded a number of mercenaries and captured more than 200 prisoners from Saudi and Sudanese forces and internal mercenaries during the large-scale operation.

Al-Masira TV also reported that large-scale operations in Jizan on the Al-Khubah and Wadi Jareh axes were among the three main axes that targeted Saudi military bases in MBC and Tabab al-Fakhidah and Al-Bayda, Al-Amoud, Al-Qambura and Sharq Qaim Sayyab hills.

Ali al-Qahoum, two members of the Ansarullah movement’s political bureau, also said that the Jizan military operation was a response to the enemies’ crimes.

“Sanaa emphasizes that the equations of accountability in this operation are after seven years of war,” he told Al-Mayadin.

“Our military capability has increased after seven years,” he said.

Al-Qahoum stated: The Saudi regime should know that Sanaa has a lot of power to answer for its crimes.

News i


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