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Quarantine Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and new preventive measures

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The Jordanian Interior Ministry has decided to quarantine Syrian refugee camps as part of preventive measures against the Corona virus.

A source at the Jordanian Interior Ministry said in a statement that ISAF has taken all necessary measures and measures to provide Syrian refugees inside the camps since cooperating with relevant international and regional organizations, News i reported. Has provided.

The source also announced that the Jordanian Interior Ministry's Syrian Ministry of Refugee Affairs, with the coordination and co-operation of the administrative authorities, has decided to block visits and also to the camps.

This decision is in line with the desire to protect the health of asylum seekers and to cope with any danger that may threaten their health.

In this regard, UNHCR spokesman Mohammed al-Hawari emphasized that the UNHCR, with recommendations from the Jordanian government and its desire to protect the lives of asylum seekers and their staff, decided to suspend referrals and talks with asylum seekers at temporary registration centers and offices. Commissioner has taken.

There are three Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, the largest of which is the “Al-Zaatari” camp, with more than 5,000 people. There are about one and a half thousand Syrians living in Jordan.

The Jordanian government also announced the coronavirus virus infection.

Meanwhile, Jordanian officials announced Monday, Monday, that preventive health measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus would be available to all those entering the airports and border crossings.

These include compulsory quarantine for all travelers for up to five days at dedicated hotels in the capital Bahr al-Aman and Amman.

Families are also prohibited from entering the country at border crossings and checkpoints, and no one should be present at airports or border crossings except those responsible.

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