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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Promise of $ 1 billion in aid to Afghanistan at the Geneva conference

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The UN Secretary-General has announced that participants in an emergency meeting to assist Afghanistan in Geneva have pledged more than $ 1 billion in humanitarian assistance.

At the beginning of a conference on humanitarian aid to Afghanistan held in Geneva, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that $ 20 million had been injected from the UN fund to support humanitarian operations in Afghanistan. we announce.

Guterres also stressed the need to ensure that the purpose of the aid is achieved to save Afghan citizens.

Guttierez went on to warn that basic services in Afghanistan were on the verge of collapse and that many Afghans might run out of food by the end of this month, and that the country was facing a severe drought.

The secretary-general also said the organization needed $ 606 million to provide immediate assistance to 11 million people in Afghanistan over the next four months.

The Geneva conference kicked off this evening with the participation of senior UN officials, including Guterres, Peter Muerer, chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and dozens of government officials, including German Foreign Minister Haiku Moss.

About a third of the $ 606 million requested by the United Nations World Food Program, which estimates that 93 percent of the 1,600 Afghans surveyed in August and September did not have access to adequate food, largely because they had enough money to buy it. Not available to them.

The UN Secretary-General yesterday called on the international community to express its solidarity with the Afghan people at an extraordinary meeting today and to commit $ 606 million to provide vital assistance to the Afghan people.

At today’s meeting, France also pledged to pay 100 million euros.

Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US representative to the United Nations, also promised at the conference that the United States would provide $ 64 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

German Foreign Minister Haiku Moss, who attended the conference, said international donors had a “moral duty” to help Afghanistan after 20 years.

Earlier, the Chinese conference announced that it would send $ 31 million worth of food and medicine to Afghanistan; Pakistan also sent items such as cooking oil and medicine to the country last week.

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