Planet influencers. Raul Krauthausen, advocate for the rights of the disabled

Raul Krauthausen at a press conference on the founding of HateAid, July 4, 2019 in Berlin (Germany). (SOEREN STACHE / DPA)

From his apartment in Berlin (Germany), he readily presents himself as an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. But at 41, Raul krauthausen is much more than that: 150,000 people follow him on TikTok, 85,000 on Instagram, for his funny and ironic videos. On this video, on the music of the film Back to the future, he shows the difficulty of changing the time of his oven when we are in his situation: he is in a wheelchair because of the genetic disease of the glass bones which prevented him from growing up. “For a little man, he smiles, the time change is a journey through time. “

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Die Zeitumstellung ist die Zeitreise des kleinen Mannes! ## lernenmittiktok

♬ Back to the Future – Peter Seymour

“I am someone with a sense of humor, he admits. TAll the videos are not funny but some are yes because I think that the joke and the lightness make it easier to tackle difficult subjects … The most important is to stay serious. “

Raul Krauthausen knows how to go about getting messages across. Graduated in communication from the University of the Arts in Berlin, he uses social networks to fight prejudice. He speaks directly to his subscribers and gives them advice, as in this video where he invites parents to talk about disability with their children. “This adult, he said, pointing to himself, stayed short, yes, for the same reason you have blond hair and not brown. “

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Reply to @ nerdmom83 ich werde öfter mal von Kindern angesprochen. Neugierig sein ist okay und wichtig! Yesterday meine Gedanken. ## lebenmitbehinderung

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Raul Krauthausen has made this commitment his profession. He founded an association which employs 26 people. This allows him to accomplish concrete actions such as the website, a kind of Google maps for wheelchairs. “It’s so difficult to know which places are accessible and which are not, he explains. We said to ourselves: why not create our own website to solve our problem? It allows you to find these places depending on where you live. There is a similar project in France called “j’accè”. Like I say, you always have to fight for a better future, if you stop it darkens. “

Raul Krauthausen multiplies initiatives: he hosts several podcasts and an interview on a sports channel.

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