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Palestinian prisoners escape from “Fortress of Jalboo”; A blow to the reputation of the Zionist regime

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An Arabic-language media outlet wrote that six Palestinian prisoners were planning to escape and dig a tunnel in front of the eyes of Israeli prison guards and their officials; It is a major unprecedented defeat for Tel Aviv and a severe blow to the credibility and image of the new government of the occupying regime.

According to News i, Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper wrote in a report on the escape of six Palestinian prisoners from the Zionist prison: “This operation seems to be bigger and deeper than the escape of six Palestinian prisoners, because it is not only a blow to the prison guards and the management of the prison.” Rather, it is a blow to the credibility and image of the new government of Naftali Bennett, the prime minister of this regime; A government that is subject to criticism and accusations of weakness and skepticism in action.

The media continued: “Hours after the operation to escape from Al-Jalbu’a, it became clear that Israeli special forces had entered the fetus and its area, and all intelligence and logistical capabilities had been used, and Israeli government officials criticized the prison authorities; Because these prisoners are originally classified as “dangerous” and ready to escape.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi further quoted a Zionist prison official as saying that the prisoners planned to escape with the help of external sources, including the use of smuggled telephones inside the prison, opening a tunnel through the toilet and digging a canal outlet. کردن.

The source added: “The prisoners escaped by car and the farmers noticed the presence of six people in the area and reported it to the Israeli police, after which the prison administration was informed of their disappearance.”

According to the report, initial investigations showed that the six escaped prisoners were in the same cell, and the length of the tunnel they dug was tens of meters. The entrance to the tunnel was discovered a few meters outside the prison walls and was covered with weeds.

The Zionist security scandal is highlighted when Zionist prison officials counted prisoners one and a half hours after receiving a report from a driver at one o’clock in the morning about the presence of suspected fugitives in the surrounding gardens.

Investigations showed that the disappearance of the first three prisoners in Wing No. 2 was determined at 3:25 a.m. and the disappearance of the other three prisoners half an hour later, and the security agency was informed of the disappearance of the prisoners at 4:00 AM.

Another source in the Israeli prison administration said: “The Israeli security services are concerned about two issues; The first is that some of these fugitive prisoners may carry out operations against the regime, and the second is the possibility that they may escape through Jordan.

He also acknowledged that the escape was a major unprecedented defeat for the Zionist regime.

The source continued: “In front of the eyes of the prison commanders and the intelligence, the six prisoners were able to plan for a long time with foreign elements to escape from prison and dig a tunnel.”

Munir Mansour, director of the Association for the Protection of Palestinian Prisoners of War, said that the history of the Palestinian Prisoners of War movement has seen operations and attempts to escape from Israeli strongholds, including Operation Great Escape, the first escape of Arab and Palestinian prisoners in 1958 – From the Shatta prison near al-Jalbuwa prison, Arab and Palestinian prisoners rise up against Israeli prison guards, seize a number of their weapons, kill two of them, and dozens escape.

He added: “The great escape from Shatta in 1958 was complex and heroic, and involved many Arab captives, who mainly cooperated with Egyptian and Syrian intelligence.”

Mansour went on to point out the presence of 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The escape of Palestinian prisoners forced Naftali Bennett to hold a security meeting with his cabinet’s interior minister.

Naftali bint called the escape of six Palestinian prisoners from al-Jalbu’a prison “dangerous” and called for the mobilization of all Israeli security agencies.

News i



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