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Sunday, December 5, 2021

News i Agency – Yemeni forces under the command of the Saudi coalition once again disobeyed

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According to News i Agency's International Group, Yemeni forces under the command of the Saudi coalition launched a second operation against Saudi commanders within a week.

Al-Jazeera Qatar reported on Tuesday, quoting Yemeni sources, that hundreds of Yemeni militants had again protested on the southern border with Saudi Arabia, demanding their return to their homes.

According to the report, Yemeni forces fighting for money in the Saudi coalition against the forces of the Yemeni National Salvation Government (Sanaa) have gathered in the “evil” region of Saudi Arabia and protested against the Saudi interaction with them.

Yemeni protesters have called on Saudi commanders to pay their back pay, which has not been paid for six months.

Qatar's Al Jazeera recently broadcast a documentary report that the Saudi coalition has recruited young Yemeni children and youth to compensate for the defeat of its armed forces in the war against Yemen, and put them to death for their Yemeni brothers on the front lines.

The weakness and inefficiency of the Saudi armed forces, especially the ground forces, has prompted Riyadh officials over the past five years to use mercenaries to protect the southern borders or to operate on the front lines. Sudan, Bangladesh, Somalia and some African countries have sent troops or mercenaries to Saudi Arabia for money during this time.

The fall in world oil prices and the rising cost of the war in Yemen have prevented Saudi Arabia from paying its troops regularly. Over the past year, films about Saudi soldiers have been posted on the southern border, complaining about their non-payment of their salaries and their lack of attention to the situation.

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