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News i Agency – Yemen The worst fighting in al-Jawf province, al-Ghail, came under Sanaa's control

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Al-Jawf province, northwest of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, which has been battling the Yemeni army for weeks with militants affiliated with the Sa'adah government (Abdur Mansour Hadi), has been in heavy fighting.

After the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported yesterday that the city of al-Harz, the provincial capital, has been besieged by the Yemeni army in three ways, the news website Arabic 21 Also late yesterday (February 29 – March 10) reported that “the Houthis (Yemeni army) made significant ground advance in the Al-Jawf Frontier Province after very intense clashes with the” National Army “(Hadi militias).”

Al-Jawf province is located in northern Yemen on the border with Saudi Arabia and northwest of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.

Arab 21 also wrote that the Yemeni army (Sana'a) succeeded in overthrowing al-Ghil city in the western province of al-Jawfah after heavy fighting on Saturday.

An unnamed source told Arab 21 that the Yemeni army had succeeded in conquering the neighboring city of al-Hazm, the capital of al-Jawf province, after an agreement was reached with al-Kathir and al-Muhabite tribes in the city.

The source explained that “with the agreement the Houthis were able to reach and dominate al-Ghil city center, and the army (Hadi) with the support of the forces present in al-Hazm (the provincial capital) withdrew.”

The news came after the news website «Sheet musicianClose to the Hadi government, it claimed that Hadi forces in the Sixth Military District had besieged a number of Houthi elements (Yemeni army and popular committees) and that al-Ghail city center was not under Sanaa's control.

News Website «HadramutYemen also writes that news about the ongoing clashes in al-Jawf province between Sana'a forces is unconvincing. Some news reports suggest that the Houthis in the Jogh al-Jalil advance, which sources in the tribes of the city say have been witnessing clashes for several days. At the same time, the Houthis are exploiting a crisis that the government of Mansour Hadi is experiencing and trying to improve their situation with future gains for future negotiations.

Newspaper Al Arab The London-based edition of Saudi Arabia also wrote, “The Houthis have put their military and tribal grip on al-Jawf province to achieve military victory. Informed sources say the link between this military effort and political developments is to make field gains before entering the final negotiations (Yemeni peace).

on the other hand, “YemenAl-Jawf province and the Ninth Front in eastern Sanaa have witnessed fierce clashes between Mansour Hadi's forces and Sana'a forces, and sources have described it as the bloodiest and most violent clash since January.

Field sources told the source that military equipment had been sent from Hadi province to Hadi forces in al-Jawf.

According to the sources, “the Houthis have brought hundreds of fighters to the battlefield to control al-Jawf and this has led to the deployment of several military brigades from al-Jawf and (Saadah) Front.”

According to Yemen al-Ghad, Saudi coalition fighters also support Hadi forces on the al-Jawf front and have carried out dozens of air strikes so far in the province.

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