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News i Agency – Woodward Book | Lindsay Graham tried to dissuade Trump from deciding to assassinate General Soleimani

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, Bob Woodward, a veteran reporter for the Washington Post, has published a new book that reveals other hidden angles of political unrest within the US government headed by Donald Trump.

Newspaper “The GuardianBased on excerpts from “Wrath” by Woodward, he wrote that the book portrays Trump as an unstable president who is easily influenced by authoritarian leaders and has the ability to strangely change from a fiery warlord to a Praise the enemies of America go back and forth.

He wrote the book after 18 detailed interviews with Trump and talks with other former and current US officials, citing the events before the assassination of General Haj Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran. Baghdad wrote that four days before the order for the attack was issued, Trump was consulting with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on his golf course.

According to the book, Graham warned him that day that he was deeply concerned about Trump’s decision to assassinate General Soleimani, it was an “excessive step” that could trigger a “full-scale war.” He told the US president that by doing so, he would take the risk a thousandfold and that the move would go beyond the limits.

According to the Guardian, the US senator, who is known for his tough stance against Iran, suggested to Trump that they target someone with a rank lower than Sardar Soleimani to make it easier for everyone to digest.

Accordingly, then-Chief of Staff Mick Moluini begged Graham to dissuade Trump, but the “unstable” president did not back down just because some groups in Iraq were attacking US troops.

The paper went on to cite another section of the book on North Korea, saying that concerns about Trump’s foreign policy were also acute between July and November 2017, when Pyongyang tested long-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching US soil. It also conducted its sixth underground nuclear test.

In his book, Woodward writes that fears that North Korea’s next ballistic missile would be fired at the United States had grown to the point that then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis slept in sportswear and a warm-up and even had a flashlight and alarm in his bathroom. To find out if there was a missile attack warning.

According to the Guardian, the book also states that Metis spent a lot of time in the National Cathedral in Washington praying to prepare for the worst-case scenario of Trump starting a nuclear war with North Korea.

In an interview with Woodward, he told him that his fears of Trump ordering an attack were heightened when he tweeted about “fire and fury” and the destruction of North Korea. Metis described the tweet as “destructive, childish and dangerous.”

The book also points to Trump’s bizarre support for some leaders in exchange for benefits, and wrote that he defended bin Salman wholeheartedly during the assassination of critical Saudi journalist Jamal Khashgechi in Istanbul by Riyadh Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. .

According to Woodward, in an interview with him, Trump acknowledged that he covered up the role of Boussalman in Khashgechi’s assassination, saying, “I saved him. I was able to persuade Congress to give up. “I was able to stop them.”

According to the Guardian, in another part of the book, former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says that Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in occupied Jerusalem in May 2017, where he made a video of the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. , It was found to be fake and manipulated, observed.

The next day, Trump called Abbas a liar and a criminal at a news conference and ordered the severance of diplomatic ties and financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Cyanan previously aired an audio recording of Trump’s March 19 interview with Woodward, acknowledging that he deliberately downplayed the danger of the Corona virus. (More details)

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