News i Agency – Widespread disruption of some important American websites

According to News i Agency’s International Group, Al-Jazeera news network quoted its correspondent as saying that the websites of technology, airline and transportation companies in the eastern United States have stopped abruptly.

The Hill news site also reported that the Olympic website and some other important websites were down. According to the report, disabled websites cover various areas.

Computer game sites such as Steam, airlines such as Delta, and online news sites such as the Dallas Morning News are some of the sites that have crashed.

The Amazon website is also down. A company spokesman did not respond to a request for comment from Hill.

News sources did not give any reasons for the sites’ downtime, but Akami, a content delivery network-based company, confirmed the blackouts and said it was investigating.

“We are investigating this issue,” the American company, which is the largest provider of Internet services, said in a statement on its website. If you have any questions or problems in this regard, please contact Akami Technical Support. “We try to keep you up to date with the latest information.”

15 minutes after the announcement, Akami announced that he had succeeded in resolving the issue and that the company’s services had returned to normal. Following the statement, news sources reported that disruptions to previously disabled websites had also been resolved.

The news comes as cyber-attacks in the United States have escalated in recent weeks following widespread ransomware attacks on an oil pipeline company and a major meat supplier.

The US media reported last month that a massive cyber attack on the infrastructure of a red meat production and distribution company (JBS) had disrupted the company’s operations in Australia, Canada, the United States and Brazil.

Earlier, the US company Colonial Pipeline was cyber-attacked, paralyzing the fuel delivery system to the eastern United States. The White House has blamed Russia for all the attacks.

Last month, the US Department of Justice warned that cyber-attacks threatened US companies and their customers, and that they needed to strengthen their cyber security.

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