News i Agency – Widespread demonstrations by British activists at the venue of the Group of Seven meeting

Hundreds of British citizens demonstrated and marched in Cornwall on Friday to protest the Group of Seven policies, according to News i Agency’s International Group.

According to the news agency “SputnikVarious civic groups, including environmental activists and supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, began a large-scale march in the city where the G7 leaders met.

British police announced that about forty different groups of English activists plans to gather and demonstrate from Friday to Sunday during the summit of seven world economic states in Cornwall.

According to the English newspaper “ExpressFive thousand police officers have been deployed from across the UK to the summer area of ​​the Group of Seven meeting to provide security along with 1,500 local police officers.

According to the network website «BBCOn Friday afternoon, two vehicles were inspected near the venue of the Group of Seven meeting and seven occupants were arrested.

The BBC quoted police as saying that three of the men had been arrested on suspicion of attempting to commit criminal acts and four others had been arrested on charges of attempting to cause noise pollution.

The “Police, Crimes, Sentences and Courts” bill, known as the “Law and Order” bill, is introduced in the British Parliament every year, but this year its sensitivity has increased due to the murder of a young woman by a British police officer.

In this controversial bill, the British government seeks to “strengthen the power of the police to deal with non-violent protests that have a significant detrimental effect on society or access to parliament.”

However, the phrases that have attracted the most attention of critics are the accusations of “making noise” and “causing serious disturbance.” The bill provides for up to ten years in prison for harassment through noise.

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