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News i Agency – Washington: We leave the return of the Vienna talks to the Iranians

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, US State Department spokesman Ned Price answered reporters’ questions about various issues by attending a daily press conference on Monday evening.

“We have made it clear that a reciprocal return to adherence to the IAEA is strongly in our national interest,” Price said of the Vienna talks on reviving the Iran nuclear deal. This remains in our favor for a reason, because a reciprocal return to the requirements [برجام] “Once again, it puts Iran under the harshest and most comprehensive regulatory regime in history.”

To write Website “I know that a new administration in Tehran is still in the process of being formed,” he said, noting that monitoring Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon remains in Washington’s national interest. “They have to make decisions about orientation towards the international community and diplomacy within the framework of Vienna.”

Asked whether the new Iranian government had informed the West of its decision to return to the Vienna talks, the US diplomat said: “I leave it to the Iranians themselves to speak out.”

“All sanctions against Iran are in place,” Price said of Iran’s fuel sales to Lebanon. about [تحریم‌های]”Oil and gasoline have not changed.”

He went on to answer a question about the Zionist regime’s new policy towards Iran, which is to be presented to US President Joe Biden by its Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, and whether there is an alternative to the Vienna talks. “I leave it to the Israeli prime minister to explain to the US president what the new cabinet thinks about Iran.”

“Iran and regional security issues will be one of the topics of discussion, but the first meeting between Bennett and Biden is an opportunity to talk about strengthening relations between Tel Aviv and Washington,” the State Department spokesman said.

Earlier, the Bloomberg website reported that the Israeli cabinet was trying to persuade Washington to suspend nuclear talks with Iran by pressuring the US government. (More details)

The Vienna talks on Borjam began in April 1400 with the aim of bringing the United States back to the Borjam nuclear deal and persuading Iran to suspend its efforts to reduce its Borjam obligations. The Islamic Republic of Iran has stated that it will not hold talks with its representatives due to the withdrawal of the United States from the UN Security Council. The Americans will be informed of Iran’s position through the other parties to the talks.

The sixth round of these talks began on June 12 and continued until Sunday, June 20. “Seyyed Abbas Araghchi,” the deputy foreign minister and head of the Iranian delegation to the Vienna talks at the time, said Iran’s criterion was to reach a good agreement. “We are nearing the end of the work, but the remaining path will not be easy,” he said of the negotiation process.

The timing of the seventh round of talks has not yet begun, and Western officials have stepped up their campaign of media-psychological pressure to persuade Iran to set a new round of talks.

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