News i Agency – Washington: Diplomacy is the most effective way to limit Iran’s nuclear program

According to News i Agency’s International Group, the US State Department said on Thursday evening about the lifting of sanctions on some Iranian officials and officials that this action was the result of a change in the situation or behavior.

“We are in talks because we believe that diplomacy is the most effective way to curb Iran’s nuclear program,” the State Department said, emphasizing the continuation of talks in Vienna on reviving the IAEA.

Earlier in the day, the US Treasury Department announced the removal of three former Iranian oil officials and two other companies from the sanctions list, citing the names of seven individuals, four companies and one ship on the sanctions list under the pretext of links to the Quds Force and Ansarullah. .

Another statement posted on the US Treasury Department’s website lists three Iranians named “Ahmad Ghalehbani”, “Farzad Bazargan” and “Mohammad Moeini” whose names have been removed from the sanctions list.

The US government claims that it intends to pave the way for the US to return to the BRICS nuclear deal through the Vienna talks. However, Washington has so far refused to take the necessary steps to return to the agreement.

Reuters recently reported that Joe Biden’s government would have to lift sanctions on Iran imposed on 700 individuals and entities under Donald Trump to return to the UN Security Council.

The Reuters news agency wrote that this statistic was obtained based on the count of sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department after the country withdrew from Borjam.

The figures, described by a US State Department official as close to Biden’s assessments, came as Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi put the number of US sanctions to be lifted at 1,500 last month.

Anthony Blinken said in a meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday that he expects hundreds of sanctions against Iran to remain, even if they are revived.

“I predict that even if we return to adherence to the UN Security Council, hundreds of sanctions against Iran will remain, including those imposed by the Trump administration,” he said.

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