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News i Agency – US provocative action in sending two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, the American newspaper “Wall Street Journal” quoted Admiral George M. The US Navy has sent two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea to take part in a military exercise, the US commander said.

According to the news agency “SputnikAccording to the US military official, two ships, the USS Nimes and the USS Ronald Reagan, will arrive in the region on Saturday, along with several other ships.

“The goal is to send clear signals to our partners and allies that we are committed to regional security and stability,” Vikov said, without mentioning the exact area of ​​US military training.

He also claimed that the exercises were not in response to Beijing’s ongoing military exercises in the South China Sea.

Joe Jilli, a spokesman for the US Navy’s 7th Fleet, made similar claims about the presence of the two aircraft carriers in the disputed South China Sea region.

The Pentagon on Thursday criticized China for conducting a military exercise in the South China Sea, claiming that it would make the situation in the disputed waters more unstable.

“These military maneuvers are the latest in a series of actions by the People’s Republic of China to advance illegal maritime claims,” ​​the Pentagon said in a statement.

Anti-Chinese remarks by US officials provoked a backlash from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Jian denied the country’s right to hold military exercises in the South China Sea, rejecting recent US positions against China as well as the exercise.

“The key factor influencing the stability of the South China Sea is that some countries outside the region travel thousands of miles to engage in large-scale military operations in the region,” he said.

A Pentagon statement criticizing China’s move came as analysts said that US intervention in the disputes in the South China Sea had exacerbated tensions in the region.

Last week, news sources reported that US spy planes were flying over the “South China Sea” and the waterfront, which is a hub for submarines equipped with Chinese ballistic missiles.

Last week, China announced plans to hold a military exercise near the Parasel Islands from July 1 (July 11) for five days, both of which China and Vietnam claim to own.

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