News i Agency – US Envoy for Yemen: Unprecedented international consensus to end conflict in Yemen

According to News i Agency’s International Group, the US envoy to Yemen, Tim Linderking, stressed that there is an international consensus and unprecedented areas to end the conflict in Yemen.

Lindarking congratulated the Yemeni people on Eid al-Adha and expressed hope that the international agreement would contribute to a lasting ceasefire and a political solution in Yemen.

“While we are celebrating Eid al-Adha, the conflict continues in Yemen,” Linderking said in a statement posted on the State Department’s Twitter account.

“We hope that the international consensus and the unprecedented regions will help establish a comprehensive ceasefire and a political solution to the country’s crisis,” he added.

According to the Saudi network العربي.The US envoy to Yemen also stressed the importance of the success of this international consensus in drawing the Yemeni side to good faith talks.

The Arab League, led by Saudi Arabia, has been waging a military aggression against Yemen and a land, air and sea siege since April 2015, claiming to be trying to bring the resigned Yemeni president back to power.

This military aggression has not achieved any of the goals of the Saudi coalition and has only been accompanied by the killing and wounding of thousands of Yemenis, the displacement of millions, the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, the spread of famine, famine and infectious diseases.

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