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News i Agency – Ulyanov agrees with Araqchi: One should not expect an agreement in the coming days


According to News i Agency’s International Group, “Mikhail Ulyanov”, Russia’s representative in international organizations based in Vienna and its representative in the negotiations for the revival of Borjam, agreed with the words of “Abbas Araghchi”, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ulyanov shared the Iraqis’ remarks Sunday morning Twitter page “I completely agree that the Vienna talks cannot be expected to be finalized in the coming days,” he wrote.

He added: “It is also clear that we can not draft a final document before the Iranian presidential election (June 18). [مذاکرات وین] “Arrange and complete.”

The Russian diplomat, however, stressed in the end that, by all accounts, an agreement was available in the Vienna talks.

The fifth round of Vienna talks was held in Vienna from June 4 to 12. “Nothing can be predicted in the diplomatic talks,” Araqchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, said in a conversation on Wednesday, June 3, after a meeting of the Joint Commission of the IAEA Board.

“It is time for the United States and Europe to make their difficult decisions,” he said, adding that good progress had been made in the Vienna talks but that some key issues needed to be agreed upon.

Earlier, Wang Kun, China’s representative in the Vienna talks, legitimizing Iran’s concerns about the lifting of sanctions, stressed that Washington should first lift illegal sanctions against Tehran and third parties. (More details)

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