News i Agency – Trump Implicit Threat If Biden becomes president, chaos and bloodshed will spread

According to News i Agency’s International Group, US President Donald Trump on Saturday morning again called the protesters against the racism and violence of the American police against people of color “rioters” and said that he would not reduce the police budget.

To write Reporter Speaking to supporters in Florida, VOA claimed that Democrats want to shut down the police while “professional rioters” are roaming in Portland.

He then told the people of Florida that he would never cut the state police budget.

“As this wall rises, nothing will cross it,” he said, referring to a wall he built in the south of the country and along the Mexican border. We built it at a good price. “It will be completed by the end of this year or early next year.”

Trump is so proud of his “impenetrable” border wall with Mexico that just days ago a not-so-severe storm in Texas tore down much of that wall.

Returning to the subject of anti-racism protests in Portland, he called the protesters terrorists, saying: “The images of this city are like 100 years ago. “Terrorists and rioters are creating violence.”

The president then used the opportunity to attack Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the November presidential election, claiming that if Biden wins the election, “riots and bloodshed will spread, there will be no safe place, no security and no “There will be no peace and no justice.”

Trump also added that if Biden becomes president, the Chinese government will take over.

Published images of the event show that not only has social isolation not been observed to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus, but American people and officials have not even used medical masks.

However, he continued his accusations of blaming China for the outbreak of the coronavirus: “China, we have not forgotten! “But in the next 90 days, I can shake hands with people again.”

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