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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

News i Agency – The Zionist regime has detained 35 women, including 11 pregnant women

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According to the News i Agency International Group, the Palestinian Prisoners of War and Freedoms Organization announced that on March 8, when the world celebrates Women’s Day, Israeli authorities still detained 35 innocent women, including 11 mothers.

According to the news site Russia Today“Israel has targeted and detained more than 16,000 Palestinians since 1948,” the organization said in a statement, noting that Israel has targeted and detained Palestinian women since the beginning of the Palestinian Intifada.

“Israel treats Palestinian female prisoners inhumanely, whether through medical negligence or physical and psychological torture, and from time to time targets them with brutal attacks that use offensive language, physical attacks and threats,” the statement said. Continuity and conviction from family visits, as well as heavy sentences and deprivation of education are examples of this.

He stressed that female prisoners are still suffering from difficult living conditions in Al-Damoun Detention Center. CCTV cameras restrict the movements of female prisoners and violate their privacy, prison toilets are dilapidated and many of the food served to prisoners has expired.

He added: “Since the beginning of the Corona outbreak and the increase in the number of prisoners, the management of the Zionist regime’s detention centers has not paid attention to Palestinian women prisoners. Disinfectants, cleaners and disinfectants are excluded.

At the end of its statement, the organization called on human rights organizations and women’s rights defenders to end Israeli suffering in Israeli prisons, to end Israeli violence against them, and to work for their release.

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