News i Agency – The US and Zionist defense and defense ministers discussed Iran

According to News i Agency’s International Group, the Israeli Ministry of War announced today (Tuesday) in a statement the telephone conversation between Israeli War Minister Benny Gantz and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

According to the Zionist newspaper “Jerusalem Post”, according to a statement from the Israeli Ministry of War, Austin called Gantz to congratulate Gantz for continuing to serve in the new Israeli cabinet as Minister of War.

According to the report, Gantz also stressed the need to strengthen the security of the Zionist regime in an interview with Austin.

The Jerusalem Post also reported that the two sides also discussed Iran’s nuclear program and opportunities to strengthen peace in the region through agreements to normalize relations with the Zionist regime.

According to the report, the Israeli Minister of War finally thanked Austin for US support for Tel Aviv.

“Naftali Bennett” took office as the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime on Sunday this week after taking the oath of office in the Knesset, and from the very beginning he uttered rhetoric against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the peaceful nuclear program of Iran.

US officials expressed support for US President Joe Biden at the very beginning of the new Israeli cabinet.

Less than hours after the election of Naftali Bennett as Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, the White House announced that he had spoken to US President Joe Biden by telephone.

There have also been reports that Israeli Army Chief of Staff Avio Kokhavi plans to travel to Washington next week to discuss a range of issues, including Iran, with US officials.

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