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News i Agency – The fleet of American F-16 fighters in Iraq is on the verge of collapse

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, an American analytical website pointed out the major defects in the fleet of Iraqi F-16 Viper fighter jets, while 23 Iraqi F-16 Viper fighter jets were flown in the past few days. They flew to mark the 100th anniversary of the Iraqi army, but the Iraqi F-16 fighter fleet is suffering from serious problems.

Website “Drive” According to a recent report, the Iraqi Air Force purchased 36 Lockheed Martin F-16 Viper fighter jets from the United States under a military contract in 2011, but two of these fighters were lost in the first round of training. The remaining 34 fighters have been assigned to the Ninth Fighter Squadron at Balad Air Base and have participated in some combat operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

* Less than 20% of Iraqi F-16 aircraft are fully capable of flying

Referring to the number of Iraqi F-16 fighter jets in the recent military parade, the website wrote that the number of fighters participating in the recent military parade indicated that less than 20% of Iraqi F-16 fighter jets are fully capable of flying. Four of them are said to have crashed in an attempt to prepare 19 fighters in one day last year. According to a former Iraqi army official, Iraqi Air Force pilots were crying for help. “It was a big danger,” said the former Iraqi military official.

* Poor readiness and mismanagement, the scourge of the Iraqi Hui force

A similar story by other current and retired members of the Iraqi army confirms that the Iraqi Air Force’s poor readiness and leadership have led to the failure of the F-16 fighter jet in the country. Iraqi officials last December confirmed a report that only seven F-16 fighter jets were capable of flying “without a serious risk of crashing,” and that other fighter jets could fly using parts from other aircraft. This is clearly a short-term solution that will ultimately lead to the long-term inability of these aircraft.

Further details on the situation of Iraqi F-16 fighter jets have been published by airline websites stating that out of 34 F-16 fighter jets stationed at Al-Balad base, at least 10 are unable to fly at all. Of the 23 in-flight fighters, more than half are only able to fly but lack proper radar and avionics.

* Lockheed Martin Company does not fully fulfill its obligations

The current security situation in Iraq has led to a decline in Lockheed Martin support. Problems exist. In addition, security conditions in Iraq have led some Lockheed Martin maintenance contractors to refuse to return to Baghdad after a US drone strike last year.

Despite the ability to put 23 fighters together as a show of strength, the long-term fate of Iraq’s F-16 fleet is unclear, the report concludes. Trying to fly 19 or 23 fighters a day may seem impressive, but it is not a guarantee of war readiness.

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