News i Agency – The failed assassination of the President of Madagascar; Two French nationals were arrested

Madagascar President Andriy Rajulina survived a failed assassination plot today (Thursday), according to News i Agency’s International Group.

Several foreign nationals, including two French nationals, have been arrested in connection with the failed assassination of the President of Madagascar, AFP reported today.

According to AFP, quoting the Madagascar prosecutor’s office, Rajolina survived the failed assassination attempt and several “foreign nationals and Madagascar residents” were arrested as part of an investigation into the assassination attempt.

Radio France International (RFI) reported that the two foreign nationals detained were Paul Rafanoharana, a Madagascar of French descent, and Felipe Franco, a French national.

Rafanoharana was reportedly detained at his home on Tuesday evening, but Franco was detained as he was leaving Madagascar for France at Iwato Airport.

The President of the Republic of Madagascar survived a failed assassination attempt when, on July 23, 53-year-old Haitian President Juanel Moyes was attacked and assassinated by unidentified gunmen at his home. The Haitian government says at least 28 people were involved in the assassination.

CNN reported following the incident that many of the perpetrators of the assassination had been hired by Colombia through a Florida-based security company.

According to published reports, several people involved in the operation that led to the assassination of the Haitian president have previously been informants of the US law enforcement agencies (more details).

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