News i Agency – The American warship entered the Black Sea in the midst of tensions with Russia

According to News i Agency International Group, Turkish state media reported the arrival of a US Navy destroyer in the Black Sea amid tensions between Moscow and Washington over the Ukraine issue.

Anatolia news agency reported that Turkey, the American ship USS Labon, crossed the Bosphorus on Friday while Joe Biden was meeting with Western leaders at the G7 summit in Britain.

After the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, the United States has been sending warships to the Black Sea under the pretext of supporting Ukraine.

In April, Washington announced to Turkey that it might send two ships to the Black Sea in response to claims of a Russian military presence on its border with Ukraine. But as tensions between Russia and Ukraine eased, the United States stopped doing so.

According to the Middle East I news website, Biden is scheduled to travel to Brussels to meet with NATO members after his trip to Britain, his first foreign trip since arriving at the White House; The meeting is likely to focus on Russian influence in Eastern Europe. The US president is also scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart in Geneva on Wednesday.

Before leaving for Europe, Biden wrote in an article for the Washington Post: “We stand united in meeting Russia’s challenges to European security that began with the invasion of Ukraine.”

In a recent statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that relations between the country and the United States had reached the lowest level in recent years.

“We have bilateral relations that have reached the lowest level in recent years,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Anbusi news network.

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