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News i Agency – Syria thanks Iran and Russia for helping the return of asylum seekers


According to News i Agency’s International Group, the Syrian Foreign Minister expressed regret that some countries and international organizations are pressuring to prevent the return of asylum seekers to this country.

According to the news agency “Princess Latina“Such actions with obvious political goals prevent the return of refugees,” said Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Maqdad. Most of them want to return. “This contradicts the goals of the UN Charter and the national interests of the Syrian government.”

He added that plans by some countries and international organizations to pressure Syrian refugees not to return to the country were approved at the Fifth Brussels Conference on Syria, held last March without the participation of the Syrian government.

The head of the Syrian diplomatic service added that large sums of money were allocated by the participants to the governments of the host countries of the refugees, with the aim of preventing the return or resettlement of Syrians to their country. He pointed to the Syrian government’s intensive work with very limited resources to facilitate the return of refugees and create suitable conditions for their living, and the cooperation of friendly countries such as Russia, Iran and China, as well as the United Nations and international civilians.

He described the consequences of the unilateral actions imposed on Syria and its people by Western countries and the continued occupation of the country and the theft of oil, gas, wheat and water by the United States and its allies as “catastrophic”.

On Monday, Hussein Makhlouf, a senior Syrian government official, revealed that about five million Syrian refugees had returned voluntarily.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also welcomed a Russian delegation led by Alexander Lavrentyev, a special envoy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to Damascus on Monday.

During the visit, the Syrian president thanked Russia for its humanitarian and medical assistance, as well as for the Crohn’s vaccines it sent to Syria, and said that the great assistance that Russia is providing to the Syrian people in various fields is valuable, including efforts to repatriate refugees.

Bashar al-Assad added that Syria is constantly working to return the displaced by rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by the terrorists. The Syrian government seeks to restore security and stability in the liberated areas so that the displaced can return to their cities and villages more quickly.

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