News i Agency – Swiss bank freezes Venezuelan government funds for Corona vaccine

According to News i Agency’s International Group, the Swiss bank Ubias blocked the payment of $ 4.6 million by the Venezuelan government for the purchase of a vaccine under the global Kovacs vaccine distribution program.

In a Twitter message, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Ariza called the move a crime and wrote: “Venezuela has fulfilled all its obligations under the Covax mechanism.” However, a bank has arbitrarily blocked recent payments and is investigating.

In response, he published a copy of a letter from Kovacs stating that four deals had been blocked between April and May.

A total of 246,774 cases of Corona and 2,764 deaths have been reported so far in the South American country, which is under the most severe US sanctions amid the global epidemic crisis.

The Venezuelan president recently condemned the US government’s decision to send $ 150 million in Venezuelan legitimate government assets to the self-proclaimed president, Juan Guido.

In a televised speech, Nicolas Maduro said opposition forces had become “gangsters” and that “they have left the political arena to devote themselves to extortion and fraud.”

Maduro added that Guido and his associates would use the assets to continue destabilizing Venezuela, while the blocked funds in other countries belong to the Venezuelan people and should be spent on medicine, food and industrial resources. According to the latest poll, more than 85 percent of Venezuelans oppose US sanctions, including the freezing of assets.

“Venezuela has demanded the release of at least $ 300 million of the $ 6 billion in money blocked by criminal sanctions for the purchase of the corona vaccine,” the Venezuelan foreign minister said recently. Neither the United States nor the United Kingdom released a single dollar. “Nevertheless, we have taken other paths with our allies.”

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