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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

News i Agency – Strange distribution of artificial respiration by the Trump administration

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, new documents show that the administration of former US President Donald Trump has spent nearly $ 200 million to send more than 8,700 artificial respirators to countries around the world, but does not specify the criteria for the countries receiving these products. Did not follow where they went.

The US Court of Auditors has made this claim in a new report, stating that the distribution of these artificial respirators was an unusual scheme carried out by the US Agency for International Development without going through the decision-making process.

Last year, Donald Trump proudly claimed that the United States had become the “king of the artificial respiration system” and had helped other nations.

The Court of Auditors, an audit firm affiliated with the US Congress, said in the report that it was not clear how the White House identified the recipients of the devices.

For example, the Sri Lankan government delivered 200 coronas when it had only 3 coroners a day, and Bangladesh delivered 100 with 1409 new patients.

Recipient countries include both relatively wealthy countries such as Italy and small countries such as Nauru.

The report states that the Trump administration has spent $ 200 million to send 8722 respirators to 43 countries.

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