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News i Agency – South Korea agrees to pay more for the presence of US troops

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According to News i Agency International Group, the US State Department claimed that under the new agreement between Seoul and Washington, South Korea has agreed to spend more funds for the deployment of US troops on its territory.

The agreement reflects the commitment of the Biden administration to strengthen and modernize its democratic alliances to ensure shared security and prosperity with allies, Reuters quoted an unnamed State Department spokesman as saying.

The proposal for a “six-year special action agreement” is set to replace the previous agreement between Seoul and Washington, which expired in 2019.

The State Department spokesman did not elaborate, adding that the agreement includes a significant increase in support from host countries. 28,500 US troops are stationed on South Korean soil, and under a previous agreement, 90 percent of Seoul’s funding would go directly back to the South Korean economy.

According to Reuters, the talks between the US government and South Korea were stopped after “Donald Trump” asked for an increase in South Korea’s share to $ 5 billion. South Korea demanded a 13 percent increase in its stake, which was opposed by Donald Trump. South Korea currently pays $ 920 million a year in US military spending.

Prior to 2019, South Korea paid $ 870 million a year in US military spending in South Korea.

The new agreement must be approved by the South Korean parliament, Reuters added. The South Korean Foreign Ministry has approved the new agreement but did not provide details.

South Korea and the United States have decided to continue talks on South Korea’s share for another day, Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday, citing a source.

The talks, which are taking place in Washington, are the ninth round of talks between the United States and South Korea on financing US troops in the country.

US troops have been in South Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953. Seoul has been required to pay part of US military spending in the country since 1990.

Japan, which hosts about 48,000 American troops on its soil, pays $ 1.9 billion a year in US military spending.

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