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News i Agency – Signing of a cooperation agreement between the Qatari and British Air Forces

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Qatari Defense Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah and British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday aimed at developing the current partnership between the two countries’ air forces, according to News i Agency International Group.

According to the official Qatar News Agency (QNA), the Qatari Ministry of Defense announced that the memorandum witnessed a joint training between the Qatari Air Force and the British Air Force on the use of Hawk aircraft and the use of Voyager aircraft for refueling Qatari Air Force aircraft. Is.

Al-Attiyah said in a statement: “This agreement is an important step in the growing military partnership between the Qatari Air Force and the British Air Force, and the joint training of Hawk aircraft is an important and complementary factor in increasing the capacity for joint operations and coordination between the two countries’ air forces.” To cooperate and converge in efforts to maintain peace and military efforts in the future.

“Our long-term partnership with Qatar is one of them,” Wallace said, referring to co-operation among international allies as a necessity to meet common security challenges. We will continue to work together to exchange skills and experiences while enhancing global security and guiding our countries towards progress and prosperity.

The Qatari Ministry of Defense, while emphasizing that advanced training for pilots of the Amiri Qatari Air Force and the Royal Air Force will be provided soon, said: “The Voyager aircraft is expected to arrive in Qatar in early July 2021.”

The Qatari Ministry of Defense added: “This partnership will strengthen the power of the two countries in the face of common security challenges in the region and participation in its stability.”

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