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News i Agency – Sherman talks with Chinese Foreign Minister about bilateral relations with Iran

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, the US State Department announced on Monday afternoon, Tehran time, that its senior diplomat was holding talks with the Chinese Foreign Minister.

According to the English News Agency «ReutersSenior US diplomat Wendy Sherman spoke openly with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday to raise human rights concerns and the case of US and Canadian detainees in China, the State Department said. . The State Department did not provide further details on the meeting.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also announced on Monday that Wendy Sherman had asked China for help in resolving the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.

China’s foreign minister said Sunday that the United States needs training on how to deal with other countries.

Speaking to Pakistani diplomats, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Washington should understand that no country is superior to another, and US officials should know that such talks with Beijing are not to be underestimated.

His remarks came ahead of US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s visit to Tianjin. He is the highest-ranking US official to visit China since US President Joe Biden took office.

If the United States is not prepared to treat other countries the same way, Wang said, then China and the international community have a duty to teach the United States about diplomacy.

“Explicit dialogue, especially in cases where we disagree, is crucial to reducing misunderstandings, maintaining global peace and security, and making progress on important issues,” said a senior US government official.

Another US government official said the aim of the talks was to maintain open lines of communication at the senior level. The remarks come as Chinese military movements around Taiwan and territorial disputes in the South China Sea continue.

China has repeatedly protested against the US military presence in the region and called for the immediate withdrawal of US ships and military equipment from the region. China also opposes the US coercive approach to independent countries and opposes the US approach to unilateral sanctions against various countries and nations.

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