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News i Agency – Sheikh Naeem Qasim: Fuel ships are a political and social achievement against American oppression

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According to News i Agency International Group, Sheikh Naeem Qassem, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah, said at the Arab Conference “United to Defend Lebanon Resistant to Siege, Hoarding and Corruption” that the current developments in Lebanon are completely contrary to the US-Israeli project.

According to the news site The covenant, Sheikh Qassem added: “The Americans were surprised to see that the fuel ships (belonging to Iran) broke the siege of Lebanon and provided this vital substance to the Lebanese, and this was a death knell for them.”

He added: “In fact, fuel ships were a political, social and moral achievement against American oppression and its crimes against humanity.”

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general said of the resistance’s help in reducing the siege of Lebanon: “We have done everything we could and will do more, and as we confronted the Israeli occupiers, we will confront the American siege in appropriate ways.”

Sheikh Naeem Qasim stated: We must take action to reform the judiciary and protect it against the corrupt, and the mechanism for punishing the corrupt must be clear and transparent.

He added: “Hezbollah can afford to sue, oppose corruption and not support the corrupt, but we are not a court.” The fight against corruption has its own mechanism that we do not have, but we are effective in it.

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general also called for solidarity and co-operation among Arab countries, especially neighboring Lebanon, to move east, while saying that the Lebanese support any unconditional assistance.

In the past year, following the resignation of the government following the bombing of the port of Beirut, Lebanon has been grappling with a number of economic and political problems, and US sanctions have exacerbated the country’s problems.

These problems have escalated to the point where the lira has depreciated sharply against the dollar, ‌ medicine and fuel are in crisis in Lebanon, and the country’s problems are increasing every day due to US pressure and the formation of a new government.

Following these problems, Hezbollah in Lebanon repeatedly asked the government to think about the fuel crisis, but following repeated warnings, Hezbollah bought fuel from Iran to reduce the suffering of the people. Fuel from Iran to Lebanon strongly warned the United States and the Zionist regime about any attack on them.

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