News i Agency – Russian diplomat: anti-Moscow hostile remarks are useless threats

Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, reacted Thursday morning to an agreement between Washington and Berlin to reduce Moscow’s role in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, according to News i Agency’s International Group.

“Efforts to portray Russia as a country with vicious activities have long been a hallmark of Russophobia,” Antonov said in a statement. “Threats against us are baseless and useless.”

According to the news agency “Sputnik”Russia will never accept such statements or the imposition of illegal unilateral sanctions,” he said. “Only the UN Security Council has the power to do so.” “This document (the German-American agreement) raises questions about political attacks against Russia.”

Referring to US President Joe Biden’s meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Russian diplomat explained: “The hostile tone against our country is completely at odds with the spirit of the January 16 talks between the two presidents in Geneva.”

According to the report, Antonov said that in Moscow’s view, any accusation of using energy resources as a tool to exert political pressure is unfair competition, adding: “We have never imposed our support on anyone and energy sources “We did not use pressure on anyone.”

On Thursday morning, the German and American governments unveiled an agreement on the Stream 2 rolling pipeline, under which Berlin pledged to respond to any Russian attempt to use energy as a weapon against Ukraine and other Eastern and Central European countries.

The European Parliament recently passed a resolution calling for new sanctions against the Nord Stream gas pipeline project, Rusatam and the expulsion of Russia from Swift’s banking messaging system.

After that, Armin Lasht, the candidate for the German Chancellor in the upcoming elections, said that Ukraine’s interests should be protected in the implementation of the Stream 2 gas pipeline. (More details)

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