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News i Agency – Russia: Borjam is like our child and we are responsible for it


According to News i Agency’s International Group, “Dmitry Polyansky”, Russia’s Deputy Representative to International Organizations based in Vienna, stressed the responsibility of countries to the UN Security Council.

“Burjam is our child and we have a responsibility to him,” the Russian embassy in Twitter quoted the Russian official as saying. “That is why we are actively negotiating in Vienna to bring Iran back to the UN Security Council.”

“The negotiation process is primarily about how the United States can be brought back to the nuclear deal,” the Russian official said.

Vienna talks

Vienna’s negotiations with the IAEA began in April 1400 with the aim of bringing the United States back to the IAEA nuclear deal and persuading Iran to suspend its efforts to reduce its IAEA obligations. The Islamic Republic of Iran has stated that it will not hold talks with its representatives regarding the withdrawal of the United States from the UN Security Council. The Americans will be informed of Iran’s position through the other parties to the talks.

The sixth round of these talks began on June 12 and continued until Sunday, June 20. “Seyyed Abbas Araghchi,” the deputy foreign minister and head of the Iranian delegation to the Vienna talks at the time, said Iran’s criterion was to reach a good agreement. “We are nearing the end of the work, but the remaining path will not be easy,” he said of the negotiation process.

US Sanctions Steps

The Wall Street Journal reported in a special report on Thursday that US officials were concerned about Iran’s growing missile capability and that the United States intended to impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s drones and guided missiles.

The Wall Street Journal reported in a report justifying the US move that Western security officials believe that Iran’s capabilities in using drones and guided missiles to carry out more accurate attacks exceed its enrichment program and its ballistic missile program for regional stability. West Asia is dangerous.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran over its missile program in recent years, but according to the Wall Street Journal, US officials believe that targeting Iran’s supply networks, such as suppliers of parts used to build drones and guided missiles, could be more effective. Disrupt Iran’s activities.

“This (sanctions on Iranian drones and guided missiles) is part of a comprehensive approach, so we are dealing with all aspects of the Iranian threat,” a senior US official said of the Biden administration’s new plot to target Iran’s missile program.

“US drones are becoming a growing threat to our allies in the region,” another US official said, adding that the use of Iranian drones and guided missiles against US forces and US allies in the region has increased. Is”.

The US government’s decision is just one of several anti-Iranian actions taken by US officials during the ongoing Vienna talks on the UN Security Council.

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