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News i Agency – Naeem Qasim: Imported political plans are the cause of the Lebanese crisis

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, Naeem Qassem, the deputy secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, stressed that 90% of the internal factor had led to the non-formation of the Lebanese cabinet.

According to the news site The covenant Naeem Qasim said that it would be difficult to form a cabinet without concessions, and that Hezbollah was one of the parties working to form a cabinet.

Referring to Hezbollah’s efforts to reconcile the parties ‘views and persuade them that concessions are good, he said that the time it takes to reach a cabinet formation depends on the parties’ co-operation and easing some conditions.

Lebanon has been experiencing a political vacuum since the summer of last year, when the port of Beirut witnessed a terrible explosion and the government of Hassan Diab resigned, and is now run by the government of progress (Diab).

“We do not impose any conditions on anyone, but the effort must continue and we will not be disappointed,” the Hezbollah official stressed the need for more flexibility in Lebanese parties.

“Despite this, the Lebanese parties are the main culprits in the formation of the cabinet,” Qasim said, noting that foreign parties and allied elements played an important role in the collapse of Lebanon.

Criticizing the important role of the United States in the collapse of Lebanon, he said about the financial criminal audit that this issue is separate from the issue of the cabinet and this audit should continue.

Emphasizing that imported political plans are the cause of today’s crisis in Lebanon and not Hezbollah’s weapon, Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general noted that Iran has a clear and legitimate project and that is why it is standing up and winning.

“The United States thought that if the nuclear deal was canceled, the situation would change in favor of its allies, but now it has come to the conclusion that a return to the deal might reduce Iran’s orientation to the east,” Qasim said.

He concluded that the nuclear deal would probably take two months to take effect, adding that “Americans believe that an agreement is better than no agreement at all. [هسته‌ای] “But if Iran succeeds in bringing the United States back to this agreement, it will have achieved a great victory, and any victory for Iran is a victory for the resistance.”

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