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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

News i Agency – More than 30 UN members express concern over the human rights situation in the United States

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, more than 30 countries at the UN headquarters in Geneva expressed concern over the human rights situation on the southern border of the United States.

According to the website «سی‌جی‌تی‌اِنChina, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, North Korea and Syria held a meeting on Friday entitled “The Human Rights Situation in US Refugee Detention Centers.”

In addition to UN member states, officials from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, NGOs and journalists attended the virtual meeting.

Chen Shu, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, stressed at the meeting that the safety, dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of asylum seekers must be protected with decisive action.

The Chinese diplomat called on Washington to take immediate action, citing repeated remarks by the UN High Commissioner and other special sections of the UN over concerns about human rights abuses against immigrants at the US border.

In addition to the show, representatives from Russia, North Korea, Belarus, Iran, Syria and Nicaragua also addressed the meeting, calling on the United States to end the arbitrary detention of immigrants and the forced separation of refugee children from their parents.

The organizers stressed that the United States should focus on resolving its human rights issues, rather than using human rights as a tool to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Last week, US Department of Homeland Security officials announced that more than 1 million immigrants had been arrested since October last year after crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.

During the election campaign, US President Joe Biden promised to abandon Donald Trump’s strict immigration policies.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Homeland Security has announced that the new administration’s alleged attempt to reunite members of immigrant families separated by the previous administration is slow, with only seven children being recruited by Joe Biden’s task force. Launched in February, they have been returned to their parents.

In a recent speech, Biden denied that the situation of asylum seekers at the border was “critical” and said his government was working hard to return refugee children to their parents.

“We still do not know where these children are,” he said. We are working hard to find out what happened. For a child who [از والدینش] What happened to the separation? “Where have they gone and where are they now?”

The former US president strongly opposed the entry of immigrants into his country during his four-year term. He implemented a plan to build a border wall in the southern United States in 2017 to prevent immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries.

“The Biden administration inherited from me the most controlled and secure border in US history, turning it into the worst border crisis in US history in just a few weeks,” Trump said in a critical statement. “That area is an absolute disaster.”

Lara Trump, the bride of the former US president, recently asked the residents of the southern borders of the USA to take up arms and be ready against the immigrants who intend to enter this country.

News i.



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