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News i Agency – Mass protests against Trump / Brazil agrees to investigate Bolsonaro


According to News i Agency’s International Group, several thousand Brazilians took to the streets of various cities on Saturday (local time) to protest the actions of President Jair Bolsonaro against the Covid 19 virus and the poor and unfair distribution of vaccines. They came to Brazil.

According to the news agency “ReutersThe demonstration was scheduled for the next 20 days (July 24), but was postponed earlier due to the submission of evidence of a breach of vaccine purchase contracts by the Bolsonaro government to a committee in the Brazilian Senate.

The Corona epidemic crisis in Brazil, in addition to putting the country at the top of the list of most infected countries with 523,000 deaths and about 18 million infections, has also been exacerbated by the slow distribution of vaccines.

According to the report, at least 13 Brazilian states, 315 cities and 15 towns witnessed thousands of demonstrations on Saturday afternoon against the incompetence of their president, known as the Brazilian Trump.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening (local time), the Brazilian Supreme Court agreed to launch an investigation against Bolsonaro for failing to perform his duties during the process of purchasing the Corona vaccine from India.

News Agency Reuters In other news, he wrote: “It is said that the president [برزیل] “It is involved in the $ 316 million contract that was signed in February to buy 20 million doses of the vaccine.”

Two weeks ago, Brazilians staged a nationwide protest against Bolsonaro’s actions against the Corona epidemic in more than 200 cities and towns, calling for his resignation. (More details)

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